No! You didn't DO anything!

A photography post made me remember this witnessed suck.

There's this really great photographer in the town where I live. He does absolutely AMAZING photos; not only great shots in general, but he is a wizard with photoshop and can make little changes to a photo that just amplify it's worth tenfold.

Because he's so good, he charges a little more than some photographers, but honestly it's not that big a difference. His prices MIGHT be a grand total of 5% more than his competition who aren't nearly as good.

That said, my fiance and I had gone in one day to get his university graduation photos done. When we walked in there was a lady with a little girl yelling at the photographer and his receptionist. We came in halfway through, but this was the basic argument that we could piece together amidst this woman's screaming.

She had brought her daughter, who was in ballet, to get pictures done in her ballet uniform. She had paid the $20 sitting fee that is charged to EVERYONE before they even pose because the poor photographer has to make sure he's not wasting his time on people who end up not buying any photos, or only buy very few. After the pictures had been shot, she examined them and picked out the ones she wanted. Then she got the price.

Now I don't know how many pictures she wanted or what sizes they were, but like I said before...his prices are NOT that much more than anywhere else and he's GOOD. But apparently whatever the total price was didn't suit her fancy and thus she didn't want to buy any.

The suck? She was DEMANDING her $20 sitting fee back. Absolutely DEMANDING it, screaming that she didn't want the pictures and shouldn't have to give him any money for not doing pictures for her. He was trying to explain to her the whole time that the $20 was for the time he spent TAKING the pictures, time that he could have spent taking pictures for someone who planned on BUYING some, but she wasn't having any of it. "But you didn't DO anything because I don't have any PICTURES!" And her daughter was a little snot who just stood there with her arms crossed the whole time, nodding and yelling agreement with her mother.

In the end, the photographer dug $20 out of his pocket, handed it to her with a very forced (and kind've insane looking) smile and said very "politely", "Please never come back here." She ripped the bill out of his hand and stomped off looking like she was going to murder the first person she saw.

We gave him a few minutes to calm down before he shot my fiance's grad photos. ^^;;


Witnessed suck while waiting in line (in the Express Lane, no less) at Sobeys.

Lady, I know you're old. I can tell very easily that you are very very old. That does not give you the right to hold up the Express Lane of a grocery store for almost ten minutes JUST counting out your money! First of all, your order came to $46.74 and you counted out the change, not only in PENNIES and NICKELS, but also ONE COIN AT A TIME. In addition to this, you weren't listening at all when the cashier told you what you owed her and you handed her the 74 cents along with two twenty dollar bills. When the cashier told you that you were six dollars short, you daydreamedly stared at the wall behind her. She had to repeat herself three times before you even looked at her, and then three more times before you caught on. I know you're not deaf because you heard "forty" and "seventy-four cents" perfectly. I'm not one to judge, but I honestly think you were hoping she'd give up and just accept the money six dollars short, because when you finally started rummaging through your purse again your sweet grandmotherly expression had turned quite sour.

I've worked grocery stores and department stores and I've always been extra patient with older people, but you really took the cake. For future reference:

It is perfectly okay to dump some change out and let the cashier count out what you need. Most cashiers I know would MUCH prefer this to staring at you for ten minutes while you count pennies. Also, don't act dumb. You may be old, but I can see the gears turning in your head.

Illicit Makeouts

Dream Date: Night of April 29th-30th

Continuous Factors: Nothing that stands out

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Happiness, elation, sexual, guilt, depression

Lucidity: I had no idea I was dreaming, although the dream felt incredibly real

Dream Details: It was in color, seen as though watching myself in a movie. The whole dream followed a single storyline, with a few little blips thrown in

I believe I was in Moncton. I'm not sure, but either way I was travelling. I was staying at this house with these guys, I guess they were probably university students or something. One of the guys was Vee, but I don't remember the others being anyone I know in real life. Most of the guys left me alone, but one guy took it upon himself to be my friend and tour guide. I can't remember what he looked like at all, other than to say he was somewhat tall, but I remember that I found him very attractive.

There are a couple of things I don't quite remember about hanging out with this guy. I remember taking a bus ride somewhere with him and getting off the bus and almost missing the ride back. I don't remember where we went. I remember that on the bus he was sitting perched on the back of the seat, but I don't remember why. I'm sure there was something else in there, but I can't remember it for the life of me.

So we were back at the house. We were watching tv or playing a game or something, and talking and laughing. I remember kissing him on the cheek for some reason, and the next thing I knew we were looking in each others eyes and I leaned forward really quickly and we kissed. Immediately I pulled back and kind've slid myself over into a corner and I was either thinking or saying out loud, "I can't do this. I have a boyfriend." The next thing I remember, however, we were kissing again, and I didn't care anymore. I remember having that know that feeling when you're first going out with someone and just making out with them is like the greatest high in the world? I had that feeling.

The next thing I know, Jason and Clinton had showed up in one car, and my aunt Lori in another, to come pick me up. I don't know why they needed two cars, but I remember thinking I'd ride with Lori so she wouldn't be lonely on the drive. I started quickly packing all my stuff, which seemed to be all over the place, and Jason and Clinton started carrying it out to the car. At this point the other guys in the house came around to say goodbye, and Vee told me he might as well give me my birthday present before I left. So we went upstairs and there was a cardboard cake waiting there for me, all wrapped up like a gift. I opened it up and, to the best of my memory, a little midget dude popped out. I can't remember what was up with that at all, but I remember being pleased with Vee's choice of gift.

So I was just about ready to leave; Jason and Clinton were taking the last of my stuff out to the car. The kiss guy had disappeared off to his room, so I went up to say goodbye before I left. Apparently my version of goodbye was to tackle him onto his bed and have the quickest, sexiest makeout session ever. I'm sure at least part of me was feeling very guilty, since my boyfriend was downstairs carrying my stuff, but the majority of me was very aroused and satisfied.

There was more to the dream that I can't remember, but what I do remember is that when I woke up I felt extremely EXTREMELY depressed. I can only imagine that something bad happened at the end of the dream, but I don't know what. It had to be horrible because I actually didn't think I would be able to pull myself out of bed, I felt that crappy.

The Random Dream of Randomness

Dream Date: Night of July 18-19th

Continuous Factors: Nothing at all, really

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Happiness, maternal feelings, extreme drunkenness, compassion, guilt, anger

Lucidity: I couldn't tell it was a dream. I was sure it was actually happening. The drunken part, in particular, felt very very real. I actually remember the feeling of being drunk.

Dream Details: Everything was in color except for the garage scene, which was totally black and white. Some of the drunken scenes were very dark so I don't know. All seen outside my eyes but from my mind.

The first thing I remember is being outside in my parents' next-door-neighbor's yard. I don't know what I was doing, but my parent's, my aunt and uncle, and the elderly neighbors were playing some sort of game. I think it was an exercise thing or something, but it looked remarkably like ring-around-the-rosie. Either way, there was running in circles, and there was a small hill, and when Mr Smalley (one of the elderly neighbors) came around he tumbled head over heels down the hill. I ran and half-caught him, and I remember he said something to me like, "Get me to my chair, sweetie, and I'll give you a kiss." So I swung his arm over my shoulder and literally carried him across the lawn to a chair. I sat him down, then I put a tray of food in front of him and started cutting it up and getting everything ready for him to eat. I don't remember much more after that, other than feeling very happy doing all this.

Next thing I remember I was at a house party. A lot of people my age were there; my cousins Tommy and Billy, my best friend Kell, another good friend Krystle, and pretty much everyone I know my age. I remember pouring myself this huge glass of rum and when I went to add cola to it, there was only a tiny trickle in the bottle. So what I ended up with was essentially just a big glass of rum. And I drank it. And it tasted good. A small group of us sat in a dark place upstairs; I don't remember what we were doing, just that Billy and Krystle were there. I remember I was getting progressively drunker as the dream went on. I stumbled downstairs and was acting really really drunk. I went into the kitchen, where a bunch of people including Kelly were playing poker. Kell said something about me going to bed and told me to come give her a kiss before I went. But that must have been a code for something because she looked really surprised when I actually came over and kissed her on the lips.

I remember being at a huge garage in the middle of the night and it was pouring out. I don't remember who "we" were, but there were two or three of us and we were working on this monstrous truck, the likes of which were ridiculously unlikely. I don't remember much here, except that I noticed the mascot for the garage (can't remember for the life of me what he was dressed like) was out standing in the rain, so I went over and told him he could go home, and he was extremely grateful.

I was in a van with some of my family and we were pulling in to Nanny's driveway. As I was getting out of the van, my aunt Lori appeared and shoved a phone at me. I recall it looked like one of those really old, gigantic mobile phones, but it was hot pink. She told me I couldn't talk long because it would cost her too much. So I got on the phone and it was Frank on the other end. He said he wanted me to come over to his house tonight and hang out. I said fine and hung up the phone, and I remember feeling really guilty and trying to figure out an excuse to use on Jason as to where I was going. Then the phone rang again and it was Frank again and he basically said really quickly, "Nope, I'm leaving the province at six, so never mind." and hung up. The last thing I remember is being really pissed off at him and then waking up.

So jarbled, a title of any kind wouldn't make sense...

Dream Date: Night of May 22th-23th

Continuous Factors: Nothing in particular other than a vague sense of anxiety throughout all the sections of the dreams

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Again, pretty much just vague anxiety

Lucidity: Almost everything is gone. I typed this in an extreme hurry as the details just started melting away. I can't remember if it was lucid or not

Dream Details: Mostly I saw it as the movie, from around and above and outside my own eyes. The first parts were very dark and lacking in color, but when I got to Archibald, the green of the building was almost blinding.

Very fuzzy. People, not me, were on a quest to find a girl, me. I watched the dream as though above and behind them, as a movie. They went through caverns; there was magma, so I guess they were in a volcano. I can't remember what happened. Something about a young girl, and they ended up in a movie theatre.

I was in the theatre, watching a movie from the side rows, about halfway down. Jason was with me. Frank was sitting in the front row. I walked in and out of the theatre several times, trying to call Kelly from my cellphone because I was supposed to meet her somewhere, but the movie was going to run long.

The people needed me for some reason. I was special. There was something I'd done, a long time ago. It involved booze, and burning the living shit out of something on top of an oven. I can't remember if it had given me some sort of power, or if I'd opened a portal or something. I just remember trying to recreate it for these people.

They resided in tunnels which were built over to look really futuristic. One of them was a warrior kind of woman. One was a tiny little girl.

I remember being in a room with a bunch of people, watching tv. I think my dad was there. But the only ones I really remember were this woman and her baby. The baby was crying so I went over and started making faces and stuff and calmed him down. For some reason I don't think the mother liked that very much.

I was going to physics class. There was something weird about the classroom; each row of desks was divided from the others by eight-foot walls that didn't go all the way to the ends of the room so that the teacher could walk between them. The assignment was to write a song based on...I can't quite remember. I think it was "the internet" or something. Kendell was working beside me and kept asking if I needed any help because I was basically staring at a blank page for a long time. I had words in my head but they didn't seem right. Eventually though, I started writing them down.

I was leaving Archibald Elementary, the way it was before they tore it down. Ryan Rendall (the guy whose responsible for the pencil dust permantly in my hand) called to me from across the parking lot. I tried to move away quicker, but I tripped and fell on the concrete. Someone from the backround yelled, "Can't you two even talk without someone getting hurt?" as Ryan came forward to help me up. I said sorry and that I hated this place so much I couldn't walk straight. We walked over to the front of the gym where Stan and some guy were standing around a crazy looking machine. The guy stood on part of the machine and it did something weird with flashing colors that was supposed to represent his extreme strength or something. Ryan looked at the part that the guy had been standing on; it was blobbing weird soft colors, which apparently meant crazy drugs of some sort were in the guy's system. Ryan started saying that he shouldn't let the Army give him these kind of drugs as they might be dangerous. The guy started screaming at Stan as though it was all his fault that we'd found out about the drugs.

And that's pretty much all I can remember. @.@?

Night Terrors

Dream Date: Night of May 7th-8th

Continuous Factors: Pain

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Pain and fear

Lucidity: I can't remember much by now, but I do remember that at the time, it was an extremely vivid dream. I woke up at one point feeling the pain.

Dream Details: As always, experienced through my own mind, but through someone else's eyes, as though watching a movie.

When I woke up from the first dream, I was terrified, and yet feel right back to sleep. When I woke up from the second dream, I was instantly thrust into the day, so I didn't have time to mull over the details and by the time I started thinking about it again I'd forgotten almost everything. I DO remember the feeling...the very creepy creepy feeling...

The first dream, I was at the university, but part of it looked like the highschool hallways, and the other parts (the rooms) looked like lounges and the like. There was a group of us, all girls, hanging out in a lounge room, with lots of couches and pillows, watching tv or something. I remember wandering through the halls and meeting this other girl. I can't quite remember, but I think I 'saved' her from some jackass guys. I took her back to the lounge, from which most of the other girls had disappeared, and we snuggled on a couch and planned a sleepover at her house (um...kind've gay there...yeah, just a little...). I think at some point her mom came and got us, but I can't quite remember that either.

Then I remember being at my cousin Leah's apartment, except I've never been there in real life. The whole place was white, except for the huge Christmas tree and colorful presents lying everywhere. In my dream it was, in fact, May, so I don't know why she had the Christmas stuff. I do remember though, that when I was walking around looking at the presents (there were even some little ones hanging from the tree like decorations), almost all of them were tagged "To: Jason", and in this case I'm assuming Jason is her ex-boyfriend Jason, who ran off halfway across the country and cheated on her and all this horrible crap. Other than this stuff, the only thing I remember about this part of the dream was spilling some red wine on her perfect white carpet.

Then I was back at the school/lounge place. This place is extremely fuzzy. Someone was chasing me; I think it was a woman. I got trapped with her in a classroom, and she threw a syringe with orange fluid in it at me. I can't remember what the significance of that was, but I knew at the time that they only way I was getting out of this alive was if I took the syringe. So I breathed deep for what seemed like forever, because the needle had to go in the underside of my forarm, which I can't STAND. Then I stabbed myself with it quickly. I specifically remember that I accidentally stabbed at an angle, so it hurt twice as much as the skin got pulled sideways. Also, by sticking it sideways I ended up with it only technically halfway in, so as I tried to actually inject the fluid, it hurt like hell and felt like it was going to come squirting out of my arm. I yanked the needle out, smashed it on the floor, and faced the woman to fight, but at that moment I woke up. As I woke up I clutched my forearm because I could still feel the afteraffect of pain from the dream syringe. It was really freaky, and I can remember it hurting so very much, but the funny thing was I fell back asleep again almost instantly.

There is little to nothing remaining of the second dream. I do remember that I was in a clothing store at first. There was a man...I don't remember who he was. And then there was a woman...maybe she was the one from the first dream that was chasing me. Somehow I ended up in this secret room behind a moving wall. I think the man was protecting me, I'm not sure. What I AM sure of is that the woman was torturing the man. I was listening from behind the wall and the sounds and screaming were scaring me to death, but since I see my dreams through other eyes, I was also watching the torture, and it was scaring me the other halfway to death. I've forgotten most of it, but I do remember at one point the woman was sort've slicing the man's stomache open with a scapel or something. It was extremely disgusting. Like I've said, I've forgotten most of it, but I do remember thinking at the time that everything she was doing was disgusting and terrifying as hell.

I also woke up from this dream freaked as hell, heart pounding. It was very terrifying.

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Kitchen Showers!

Dream Date: Night of May 7th-8th

Continuous Factors: Nothing of any significance.

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Nothing of any significance.

Lucidity: Kind of a daydream-feeling dream. Like I was watching through beer goggles. Didn't know I was dreaming, but it wasn't vivid at all.

Dream Details: Everything in color. Experienced as a movie; from my own mind, but outside my own body.

I just remembered this now, many hours after waking up, so I've lost many, many details, but I'll just throw out some of the stuff I still recall.

A bunch of us were moving into this giant house. I can't remember everyone who was there, but I remember Kelly and Sean each at some point during the dream. I think Krystle was there also. In my mind, in the dream, the house had previously belonged to my aunt Judy and uncle Tommy, but this house was nothing like theirs. It seemed to be in the middle of a forest. I remember that for some reason there was a tub, complete with shower head, in the corner of the kitchen. There was no shower curtain or anything, so anyone who took a shower there would be completely exposed. I remember the very large living room was sort've divided into two areas and we were talking about putting the computers on one side and the tv area on the other. The rooms were already filled with very old looking furniture (the kind you would see if you looked at some family photos from the 80's), but we were planning to redo the whole place. I remember thinking about how I was going to set up a special area for my laptop.

I was going to do some cleaning when I (somehow) realized that of both bathrooms, neither had showers or baths that worked. They were there, there was just no water running to them. That meant the only one we could use was the one in the kitchen. At this point I recall my real-life landlord being there for some reason and I was explaining to him that he would have to send a plumber over right away because there was no way I was going to be taking my showers in the kitchen where everyone could see me.

And that's pretty much all I remember at this point.
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Cheap Crap and Disney Land

Dream Date: Night of May 6th-7th

Continuous Factors: Pretty much nothing happened twice except for the crazy purse bitch in the second dream.

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Concern, and a wopping deal of murderous rage.

Lucidity: Second one was extremely vivid. Had no idea I was dreaming.

Dream Details: Everything in color. Experienced as a movie; from my own mind, but outside my own body.

Two little dreams here: both fairly short (as far as my dreams go), and rather ordinary (as my dreams go), but I find the second one slightly weird and disturbing. >.>

First one is pretty simple. Jason and I went to GameWorld because it was shutting down for good the next day. When we got there it was packed with people tearing the place apart because everything was 2 for 1, and everything was $3 or less. So Jason and I just started grabbing games we didn't even want, cause damn. Also, there were big bins of movies for the same prices and I remember picking up some anime stuff. There was also a bunch of dollar store crap in the back of the store. That is all I remember. Shitty dream, eh?

The second one was slightly more exciting. Jason, Frank, Josh, and I were all at Disney Land. I was there specifically to record a movie soundtrack. Apparently I was the lead singer or something. For some odd reason I specifically remember that Josh was wearing a plain white t-shirt and kahkis, and his hair was considerably shorter than I've ever seen on him. I also remember Frank saying something about how I wasn't acting like myself and (thinking "How the hell would you know what I act like nowadays?") I told him I was just nervous about recording the songs. Anyway, we were all talking about stuff I can't remember, then Jason went to the bathroom. Then a few seconds later, Josh walked off somewhere, so it was just me and Frank. We started to walk toward a booth or something when this girl came out of nowhere from behind Frank. She put her arms around his neck, then forced her purse into his hand and started screaming "Theif! Theif!" or something like that. I got more pissed that I think I ever remember feeling in a dream, went over, ripped her hands open, shoved the purse at her face and started screaming stuff along the lines of, "You stupid f*cking wench! You f*ck the hell off you creep! So help me GOD if I catch you doin' this kind of bullsh*t to someone else you wh*re!", and she ran off. Now for a second here it gets a little creepy (if you know me). I took Frank's hand, walked him over to a bench, sat down with him, and started patting his back like I was consoling a tramatized child. At which point he looked at me with big sad eyes and said (exact words), "This is why I don't cry anymore." After that Jason and Josh showed back up and Frank started telling Jason that we should get ride braclets, but Jason didn't want to because he knew I wouldn't go on any of the cool rides. I started retorting about how I couldn't ride those ones because I'd get sick, when I saw the crazy girl with the purse sneaking towards Jason. I got up and started chasing her, all that rage coming back again, and screaming stuff like, "So HELP me you stupid b*tch! I'm going to kill you before the day is through! I just know it! I'm going to f*cking kill you!" And then I believe I woke up.

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Maternal Love and Contract Killing

Dream Date: Night of May 5th-6th

Continuous Factors: The only things that really repeat are being in the mall and seeing Kelly's parents, and in one dream I'm riding the bus while in another I receive a bus schedule.

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Concern, maternal caring, fear, embarrassment

Lucidity: The parts I describe in the most detail felt very real, but at no point did I know I was dreaming.

Dream Details: Everything in color. Experienced as a movie; from my own mind, but outside my own body.

These are a few dreams that all kind of melded together in my mind. There's a lot less detail than I'd like because I was forcibly awakened by a bad little kitty and instantly stuff started rushing out of my brain.

The first thing I remember is being at the university, but I don't think it was a university. I'm not sure what it was, but part of it might have been a hospital. I remember that Dr House and the young, blond doctor from the same show were there, and I witnessed that the blond guy had gotten hurt somehow and couldn't stand. Maybe his leg was broken or something. I went home on a bus, and I remember something about making some sort of plans with Kelly and Sean, but then I decided to go back and see the doctor guy. I'm sure in my dream he had a name, but I can't remember it now. So anyway, I went back, and went in the office while the two doctors were talking and smiled, and House left. I can't remember what else happened; I think I just talked with the blond doctor, but what I do remember is feeling all warm and maternal, like I had to take care of him.

I was at the North Sydney mall...Jason was there for a second but then he walked away somewhere. I was looking through racks of clothes that were, like, $2 and $3 each, and picked out several shirts. I remember walking toward a mirror and seeing Kelly's mom and Sandy walk by and I waved to them. I looked at all the shirts in front of me, then bought them and left the store. I remember I walked through the mall but I can't remember what happened.

I was in an apartment building that wasn't mine. My brain is completely fuzzy on this part. I think someone got in my apartment and was hiding from the police or something. I remember being outside the apartment and talking to some sort of officer. I can't really remember anything here at all, but what I THINK happened is that I went in an captured the guy or something.

I was home with Jason, my aunt Donna, and two guys I can't remember. I think the guys were supposed to be protecting me and Jason because, and here's the kicker, Frank's dad Danny had been hired to assassinate us. I have no idea why. It was the middle of night and that's when we figured he was going to do it. In my mind the scene kept flowing seemlessly between my apartment, and my parents house. I remember being in the apartment kitchen and we were talking about how Danny could pretty much shoot us from any window because there is no where in the apartment that you can stand without a little bit of window facing you. Then I remember in my parent's kitchen, sitting near the back door. I was looking at Lil' B, trying to get her to drink so that she would throw up, because she looked sick, and she was all thin and starving-looking. My aunt Donna thought something was wrong with her, but I insisted that she just needed to hack up a fur ball. Somewhere around this point there was a knock on the door and when I turned around and saw Danny standing on the back step I squeeked and ran. I ran down into my old bedroom (and I mean my OLD bedroom - the first room I ever had) and hid in the closet. And I use the term "hide" loosely. I mostly sat there. My aunt and the guys let Danny in, and apparently he was just there to fix something in the very room I was hiding. As they were all talking, Jason looked at me sitting in the closet and laughed his head off. I remember thinking that if I had to I would run upstairs and hide in someone else's apartment. In my mind the apartment building was, like, 50 stories high.

I was at the mall again, walking through the parking lot in the rain. I was supposed to meet up with Jason. Something about Cadbury Cream Eggs and raising money for a charity or something. Can't remember. I met him up around Sobeys and we started walking down the mall. I don't remember anything else except that I ended up back in Zellers and as I was walking around I saw Kelly's mom and Sandy walking past the same area in the same clothes, and I waved again.

The last thing I remember is being back at home and opening the mail and finding a new bus schedule that I couldn't quite read.

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Lots and lots of travelling...

Dream Date: Night of April 27th-28th

Continuous Factors: Travelling, planes, the cats, Jason, a non-existant house belonging to my uncle

Feelings/Emotions Experienced: Anxiousness, fear, anger, embarrassment

Lucidity: I had no idea I was dreaming. I took everything to be actually happening, no matter how weird it got, I still believed it was real.

Dream Details: In color, aside from a moment of complete pitch blackness. Experienced from my own mind, but seen as though from someone else's eyes. One part experienced through someone else's body, but still seen as though from yet someone else's eyes.

This dream had an inordinate amount of travelling in it. That, and the dream refused to end. I actually woke up three times during this dream and every time I went back to sleep it just continued right where it had left off. Twas weird.....It's not described as well as I would have liked because I didn't decide until a while after waking up that I was going to make this journal and I'd forgotten pieces by then. Anyway...

I was at the airport. I had a pass, and the lady let me through. I was waiting for the plane when I realized I'd somehow forgotten my luggage. I tried calling Kelly to see if she'd bring it to me, but Sean answered and said she wasn't there. I asked him if Nathan or Gare were willing to do me a favor and he said no, so I got extremely pissed and started screaming obsenities at him.

I exchanged my ticket for a flight a few hours later and caught a bus home. I was living at the old Welton Street house, but it wasn't the same on the inside. Jason and Frank were there, playing Metroid Prime. Frank was blind. I remember thinking about how they'd gotten in a huge fight over me once and there was an accident and now Frank couldn't see. I remember thinking, for some weird reason that I could never break up with Jason because not only would it hurt him, but it would be disrespectful to Frank because it was my fault he'd lost his sight, or something like that.

I hung out with the guys for a little while and then went upstairs and packed a duffle bag and went back to the airport.

I was on the plane, which was laid out really weird with the seats all in a maze-like pattern. I was there with someone but I don't remember who it was. I think I was playing a gameboy or something. I remember being really nervous about the plane taking off because I figured I'd get sick or something the second we started, and I wouldn't be allowed to go to the bathroom until we were up high. I also remember looking around and thinking that there was barely anyone on the plane, considering how close we were getting to take off, but then a bunch of people started pouring in. I don't ever remember the plane taking actually off.

I was at a shabby beach house by a lake. It was my uncle Robert's; he was rebuilding it or something. I was hanging there with Jason, and my uncle was trying to convince me to let him make me some eggs. My uncle's construction crew showed up and they were all really buff, sporty-looking 20-something guys. I guess I looked a little too long and one of them smiled really flirtily and said, "You got a thing for jocks?" at which point I got all freaked out and embarrassed and ran and hid behind Jason and yelled out "This is my boyfriend!"

There was more at the beach house that I can't quite remember. I think a demolition crew came and we all had to run or something. I sort've remember us all sitting on a tall fence or something, watching, like, a forklift or something like that knocking the beach house down.

Suddenly, I remember packing for a road trip. Jason and I were loading stuff into a car. We were at my uncle Robbie's house (impossible, since he lives in Ontario), and my mom was there too, and a bunch of people I don't remember. I was trying to take the cats (Max was still alive in the dream) out to the car when I found my uncle and mom moving all our stuff into this really ugly old motor home. I tried to explain to them that the car was fine, but they insisted that if Kelly and Sean and the cats were coming along, we needed a bigger vehical. I conceeded and stuffed the cats in the thing, but I soon discovered that the windows in the motor home refused to stay closed, and a few were broken off, and I was scared to death that the cats would make a run for it while we were driving, so I told mom she'd have to look after them and I put them back in the house and explained to her in delicate detail exactly how to feed them.

We were ready, and supposed to go pick up Kelly and Sean (I remember at this point thinking we were leaving a day early but we'd just get a hotel room in Halifax and catch our plane the next morning), so we set out. I was driving, Jason was in the back, and for some reason my dad was in the passenger seat. We were driving through this scenic area with lots of trees and one long road with turnoffs. There were a lot of cars though, and a lot of them seemed to greatly enjoy driving on the wrong side of the road and almost hitting me. Eventually the road became a dirt road, and then a gravel road, and then it started to snow, and I could barely see anything, and then all of a sudden the world became pitch-black and my headlights could only light up about a square foot area in front of us. I couldn't see a damn thing. It was like being locked in a tiny windowless room with just a lazer pointer for light. My memory jolts here - I think dad took over the driving and there was an accident. I don't quite recall. Something tells me someone got hurt and we had to call an ambulance.

We were back at my uncle's house and I was feeding the cats. I fed his one cat (he doesn't have one in real life), which seemed to be really prissy and eat only tuna and milk. Then I went downstairs to where my cats were all snuggled up together waiting for food. As I was getting them water, panels of the floor seemed to rip from existance and drop off to nowhere, leaving nothing at all. No ground. Just nothing, like a black bottomless pit or something. This didn't seem to bother me in the slightest.

Jason and I were at a store. I think we owned it. I don't remember what was in it. Something happened that I don't quite recall, and Jason went next door to where his family apparently lived, calling to me to bring something. I got the something and was about to leave when I realised I didn't have the key to lock up the store while we were gone. And besides, there was a customer looking around. Upon further investigation I noticed the customer was Tammy Groves, and I remember wondering, "Wow, I wonder what ever happened to her?"

I went next door and handed over whatever-it-was, and noticed that the family was having turkey dinner. Jason was plowing right in. So I went back to the store to watch over it. A few minutes later Jason came back and asked why I was so rude to leave the dinner.

I was back at my uncle's, but the atmosphere had changed to really creepy, and weird stuff was going on. There was something, I can't quite remember, like if I lit this particular candle, the shadows showed me images of where to go or something. It was some crazy map or puzzle. Either way, when I looked out a particular window it shone an image that told me I had to go to this place in the water where there were four circles of light forming a diamond.

So I was on this boat, going through a city, like it was Venice or something. I was no longer myself; I spent the rest of the dream as Dr. House, from the tv show. There were four people with me and I can't remember who they were at all, but one of them was reading the map and screwing it up. I/House, steered it whatever direction I/he damn well wanted, and eventually we ended up at the place. It was night, and it was dark and creepy and I remember thinking (as though I was watching it all from above and not really there in House's body) "I would never fucking go near that creepyass place."

But we went in, and from the water rose these giant flower-bud-shaped pods, and when the "petals" unfurled, there were aliens waiting for us inside. They looked like the nice alien guy from Metroid Prime II. (Google "Umoth") But they weren't nice, and there were hundreds of them against us five. There was fighting, I barely remember, and I/House got hurt, but I/he took out tons of the aliens with just a scalpal. The head alien was after me/House, and there was a huge battle, I think. I think I/House beat him. I can't quite remember. The last thing I recall is recording a message or possibly carving it with the scapal, so that when they found us, everyone would know what I'd done.

My own interpretation and ideas in comments.
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